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    BANDS, Organizations, Individuals, Pets WELCOME

   The registration fee is $5 per float or vehicle, including cars and trucks      (with as many people as you can fit), $5 per walking band or group, $5      per person walking, biking etc. pets are welcome and free. The parade is     a non-profit event, all costs cover permit fees. Non-participant and/or      additional donations are welcomed. The event is rain or shine.

   Line Up starts at 7:00 PM by Tom & Jerry's Chevron and Southside Fire  

   Station. You must be in line by 7:40 to participate. $5 (cash or check) 

   will be collected on site - please fill out the registration application by  

   clicking on the frog image to the right.

   The parade will end and disperse just past Our Place and Arbys.

   Questions, email

      Photo courtesy of Birmingham Public Library