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Q: What are the rules related to being in the parade?

A: There are no real rules (just use common sense) and anyone is  

     welcome to participate in the parade.

Q: Can we throw candy, beads etc. if we are participating in the parade?

A: The City of Birmingham has asked all parade participants in any

     parade not to throw anything for safety reasons - THAT SAID the vast

     majority of parades in Birmingham (and otherwise) involve the

     throwing  of candy and the like. We just ask that you use common

     sense and be careful and have fun (and please note that we think

     that throwing and catching candy and beads is fun).

Q: What is the Birmingham Carnival Society?

A: A small group of Birminghamians who would like to see the infamous

    Mardi Gras parade that was brilliantly amazing and happened in

    Birmingham just before and just after the turn of the century be

    acknowledged and celebrated - and who also like parades and

    related antics.

Q: If we are in the parade or watching the parade can we drink alcohol?

A: It is our understanding that all Jefferson County liquor laws apply

     even though parades and related revelry are fun and inspire adult

     beverage consumption. Use common sense, be careful and

     responsible and have fun - that is all we will say about that.

Q: Why is the parade on a Tuesday?

A: It is Fat Tuesday of course.

Q: What if it rains?

A: We are going to still have the parade, rain or shine, but should the  

    weather be so bad that it does not make sense to parade we will have

    to cancel. Unfortunately the parade permit from the city covers only

     the date and time submitted.

Q: How much does it cost to participate?

A: $5 for all floats, vehicles, walkers etc.

Q: If we are participating what time and where do we line up?

A: Line Up starts at 7:00 PM by Tom & Jerry's Chevron and Southside Fire  

   Station. You must be in line by 7:40 to participate.

Q: Where does the parade end?

A: The parade will end and disperse just past Our Place and Arbys.

Q: What time does the parade start?

A: 8:00 PM

Q: Will the parade go past the fountain in Five Points?

A: Yes it will!

Q: Can I register to participate in advance?

A: Yes, please do - click on the Parade Entry tab at the top left of this

     page, you will find the link to the participation application there.


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